Managing Legal Risks in Museums and Large Collections: A Call for a Risk-Based Approach

This article is authored by Phoebe Kouvelas LL.M. and has been first published in the Art & Museum Magazine, Winter Issue, 2017, p. 24-25

Most museums have a view on what their principal legal risks are; nevertheless, those are addressed through the use of empirical checklists designed to avoid pitfalls or after a triggering event. What is in fact needed is the adoption of processes, procedures and controls based on the type and level of risk associated with each activity - a risk-based approach (RBA)

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Part 1: Do Museums Run Legal Risks? An Illustration

Museums and large private collections run significant legal risks whether they are preparing for an exhibition, accepting a donation in good faith or lending works from their collections for people around the world to appreciate.

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Αγοραστές και Πωλητές Έργων Τέχνης: προσοχή σε ό,τι δεν φαίνεται με γυμνό μάτι

Αγοραστές: πριν επενδύσετε σε εκείνο το έργο που θέλετε τόσο πολύ, σιγουρευτείτε ότι αυτό που αγοράζετε αξίζει τα χρήματα που πληρώνετε!

Πωλητές: το να έχετε απόδειξη σχετικά με την κατάσταση του έργου την ώρα της πώλησης μπορεί να σας γλυτώσει από πολλά περιττά και πιθανώς δαπανηρά μελλοντικά προβλήματα.

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Sellers at Auctions can remain Anonymous

Seller's anonymity at auctions has been through quite a ride lately but it's finally settled and it's here to stay. Sellers of fine art from all over the world are potentially affected by this New York state development, as the Big Apple is quite often the place to auction art. 

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